AICALL of the Macedonian market has been present since 2009. Has emerged as an idea between two partners, “TDR ROBI - Telekabel” and “AICALL Telekommunikations – Dienstleistungs GmbH” from Austria, and within hard work for three years, we succeeded to rise in the 200 most successful companies in Macedonia. Our Services are offered under the brand “Telekabel”  which our users, among other services offered under this brand can use fixed telephony.

   AICALL vision is to be a company that not only introduces and monitors standards in the field of telephony, but also take care of its customers with its 24 hour support. Among users remains recognized for services with the highest quality, which is crucial, that AICALL setup environment for a short time to gain their trust and expand its network coverage, making the telephony available in all cities where the “Telekabel” brand is represented.

   AICALL is the first company to set a new standard in telecommunications in Macedonia and offers unlimited free calls to its customers.

   On the fixed telephony of “Telekabel” are connected several thousand customers who can join the network free of charge, pay the lowest monthly fee, talk of customers fo other operators with significantly lower prices and enjoy a long and unlimited free calls of other users “Telekabel”.

   In the future AICALL will continue with introducing new technologies and services in fixed telephony with a single objective – numerous satisfied customers.